Learning Cairngorm 3, Part IV: An Injection of Parsley

February 1, 2011

Now that I’ve gotten my data all organized, I need to get it connected, and of course I’ll be using Dependency Injection.

Parsley offers a nice way to inject dependencies through the [Inject] metatag, but I found it tricky to get working. There’s some magic with what Parsley is doing under the hood, and one of these days I’ll try to figure it out, but for now, here’s what worked for me.

In my application file (SharkysCasino.mxml) I have:

        <spicefactory:ContextBuilder id="contextBuilder">
            <spicefactory:FlexConfig type="{SharkysCasinoContext}"/>
            <spicefactory:ViewSettings autowireComponents="true"/>

In my configuration file (SharkysCasinoContext.mxml) I have:

        <!-- declare the various view and model components so that Parsley can handle injection properly -->
        <spicefactory:View type="{MainView}"/>
        <spicefactory:Object type="{LoginModel}"/>

And in my view class (MainView.as) I have:

        public var loginModel:LoginModel;

Although you probably should write code so this isn’t an issue, loginModel appears to be null until MainView is added to the stage.


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