Skinning scrollbars in Flex 4

January 19, 2011

This was my first experiment with Flex 4, which I made in late October. It’s a little spooky, be warned. View Source enabled:
Skinned scrollbar in Flex 4
Here’s what I learned.
  1. Skinning in Spark is much, much easier than skinning in Halo. The SkinnableComponent/SparkSkin architecture is flexible and easy to grasp. Well done, Adobe!
  2. Flex is still kinda buggy. This cost me some time today…
  3. Scrolling and layout is a little tricky. Why does this Scroller contain a Group within a Group? The reason is that I want the contents of the Scroller to contain a black rectangle that’s as wide as the scrollable area, not just the visible area. The interior group is sized to fit its contents (so it extends from the leftmost textbox to the rightmost picture), causing the parent group to expand to fit its content, which then causes the black rectangle contained in the parent group to match its width.

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